Dark Days

Winter is setting in and the count is on until the shortest day. Yes, I really do count the days. I struggle knowing that daylight is in short supply. I don’t think I suffer from any sort of seasonal disorder but there’s no denying the damp and cold in my bones is not something I enjoy.

The advantage to getting older is these dark days seem to fly by. If I keep myself occupied enough a month will disappear in no time. It’s only a matter of conviction (and counting) that will keep me on the right side of sanity.

Rather than wallow in depression I choose to hunt for the best that this season can offer. There’s nothing to stop me having fun and finding something to boost my day. It’s all out there to be found. It’s just harder to make that discovery when the days are this dark. I look forward to a few crisp, dry, cold days to fill me with mid-winter cheer where I can hunt for patterns in the frost. I focus on the positive of dark glistening wet pathways and the glowing sodium of the streetlights. I’ll wrap up extra-warm and go for winter walks in the rain with my partner and we’ll splash in the puddles.


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