Believe in Unique

After quite a long break from our Structured Chaos series, Ben Honebone and I have negotiated and planned the next artwork.

It’s been a while because we both felt that something new needed to come to this series in order for it to continue to be productive. Any new artwork should not just regurgitate the format of previous artworks. It should consider the same philosophy and concept of previous artworks but not copy it.

Every piece in this collection should be unique and with purpose otherwise what’s the point? Sure the subject of the photograph is different but that isn’t enough for either of us. If I am to sit and cut a photograph for weeks at a time then the malaise that I felt whilst creating Cadillac will creep back and it will be hard to continue the series. The motivation between us as collaborative artists must not be allowed to falter if we are to continue to be a creative partnership.

This next chaos will be unique and different to anything we have attempted before.

BONERobot in DisguiseCROP

A tiny hint of something to come



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