Protocol Shift

So here we go again, another Structured Chaos is evolving and we’ll be sharing the progress of this piece a little differently this time.

Usually I just share the view from the back of the artwork and reveal nothing of the front photograph until nearer completion. This is because I work only on the back of the photograph so until completion this is the only side which is of any relevance to me. As a result, most people believe this series consists of lots of white layers and are surprised to find out that I’m working with a photograph.

The photograph itself is the brain child of my partner Ben Honebone so as a shift in protocol we’ll be sharing excerpts of the progress on this work from his perspective. All pictures of emerging layers will slowly reveal the subject matter of his original source photograph.

This new artwork has the working title Robot in Disguise and I’m finding myself cutting shapes inspired by architecture and industry. There are also elements of agriculture towards the lower half of this picture. All these motifs are deliberate and refer directly to the subject matter of the photograph itself. Although I cut these shapes on the reverse of the picture I am always aware of Ben’s photograph in the back of my mind and the influence this is having on my responses.



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