Vital Pauses

I used to write this blog every day, religiously, without fail. I would get stressed if I missed a day. Travelling would turn into a frantic nightmare of trying to establish an internet connection and finding something worthy to blog about.

I’ve lightened up a little in the last 6 months and now allow myself a few days off a week. This is a massive step away from two days off a year. At first I saw these pauses as a slackening; being off my game. Now though I see them as vital pauses to allow myself to, well, have a life!

I’m working almost full time delivering therapeutic photography courses across the community so it’s no surprise that I’m slowing down on my art creation. I also need to slow down on many other things so that I don’t put too much pressure on myself and burn out, and this blog is one of them.

I started writing this blog five years ago as a way to reflect on my own professional practice as well communicating my methods and philosophies. It has evolved to include shops and workshops as well as art collections. It makes sense then that I evolve too.

This blog is still a useful way to communicate with the world but this should not be at the expense of existing in it. The real world should always have priority over the virtual one. This is also why I’m regularly stepping away from social media at the moment and living more in a real, physical existence.



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