Bringing Gower Home to TBIS

A cold winter day out on Gower, this time with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service (TBIS) from Morriston Hospital. TBIS is an award-winning neurorehabilitation service which works to create opportunities in the community for people to rediscover their surroundings and integrate back into normal life after a traumatic brain injury. Neurorehabilitation aims to maximise recovery, increase independence and confidence, and help people to cope with difficult physical, cognitive or psychological symptoms following the brain injury.

I brought TBIS to Gower for my Bringing Gower Home project as part of a range of innovative approaches that TBIS have employed over the years. I’ve workshopped for TBIS before and it’s always amazing to see participants grow in confidence and self-esteem over a short period of time. Participants who would normally stay quiet in group situations find they have a new voice through their photographs and it’s a real pleasure to see them discover new things about themselves as well as these new surroundings.

Today, we were at Reynoldston in the heart of Gower and we examined all sorts of possibilities in and around the village. With mobility and fatigue a typical problem for TBIS service users we made sure we planned our routes around the village in the best way possible for everyone to enjoy. Reynoldston itself is innovative in its approach to village life and as a result the facilities we enjoyed were second to none.

I’m really proud of today’s photographs, and the way Bringing Gower Home project is evolving. Well done to everyone who has taken part so far.


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