Breathe Dearheart, Breathe…

A few weeks ago I wanted to buy something that would be special and unique as a treat to myself for my birthday. Usually when I have this urge I simply go out and buy myself some yarn, invent a pattern, and weeks later end up with the thing I dreamed of.

This year I’ve been working hard delivering Bringing Gower Home and so I haven’t had the time to knit for myself. Sure I’ve been knitting and designing but this has been a jumper commissioned as a Christmas present *. This has lead to long hours with the knitting needles for a deadline which simply cannot be shifted. I’ve not had enough time to breathe, let alone think of myself and what I might want as a present.

Too much work and not enough time always leads to outsourcing so why not get somebody else to knit something special for me? All I have to do is find the right person with the right skills and the right insight into what styles I like. I love delicate and girly yet somehow also sturdy and traditional; in earthy colours and natural materials. I want shabby-chic which will be loved but it should last forever despite the abuse I’ll be giving it. I don’t want cheap and fast, I want longevity and craftsmanship. I want knitwear which will stand up to the wild weather we have here in West Wales but I want to look stylish whilst facing the elements. I mean how hard can that be to describe to someone?

Well, thanks to the internet this turned out to be dead simple. A few taps on my keyboard later and I found Flora Kennedy, an artisan based in the Outer Hebrides. Her bespoke knitwear has been used for costumes in the UK/US hit drama series Outlander and I fell in love with her designs as soon as I saw them. Even now I’m having problems writing this blog because I’m distracted by her ‘Inner Wild’ etsy shop. It took me the best part of my birthday to decide on exactly what I wanted** but I managed to keep myself under control and select just one thing.

So today saw a little extension to my birthday and the postman delivered my wonderful Celtic Mitts. I’m over the moon with them. I have so many ideas now for things I want to knit for myself but then, why should I bother? It seems Flora has the ability to preempt my dreams and just sell me my visions via her shop.

I have time to enjoy, and breathe dearheart, breathe…


*which I’ll share later this week after it’s been delivered on Christmas Day

**the answer was “all of it, please have my credit card”


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