A FaB Intervention 2016

Last May I curated a performance art shindig called A Fab Intervention with Tim Kelly which took place on as part of Fringe Arts Bath. We used performance and art as tools to make the streets of Bath a better place. Originally we saw this as an event featuring Swansea-based artists but this grew to include performers from a lot further afield. We were gate-crashed by people from West Wales, Hereford, and Oxford as well as fellow performers based closer to Bath.

We showed how performative acts could disturb the public flow in Bath’s main streets in a positive way and it was an amazing way to engage ordinary people with the arts. Scribblers, painters, performers, poets, and storytellers explored Bath and reacted to the rich diversity of its people. We felt that a break from the regular busker/shopper relationship on Bath’s streets could make the environment a positive place to be and we challenged the social norms between performers and public.

We’re doing the same again this coming May. On May 28th we’ll be aiming to make it bigger and better and include all our previous collaborators as well as a whole heap more. We’ve already got lots of interest! If you want to take part then join the A FaB Intervention page on Facebook and let us know your motives and methods.

Meanwhile here’s a taste of what happened last year:


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