It’s only water

The reaction to weather in this country always fascinates me. With lots of Britain under water at the moment you’d think the world was coming to an end. We have some of the highest rainfall here in Wales and people still go outside without waterproofs on and then proceed to complain that they are wet.

Instead of lamenting the lack of perfect sunny days I’m embracing the wet winter nights as an opportunity to create some abstract photographs. The water causes shapes and patterns to emerge in the lights of this motorway. Hypnotic lines merge and fall away. The vista is always shifting and morphing into new and wonderful things.

We humans have a way of adapting to situations. We move and change depending on what is thrown at us. It isn’t that bad. We are alive as a species and orbiting the sun at 67000 mph. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Make the most of the things you have rather than lamenting the things that you can only dream of. The sun will come up again soon enough.



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