Cutting Edge

I’m back at this little piece today. Robot in Disguise has turned into another long slog. Maybe I’m due to shift my thoughts to another project and this could be the last in the Structured Chaos series.

I’m not sure.

I know that other priorities keep getting in the way of my art making and this is makes progress fractured and erratic. This lack of consistent focus doesn’t bring me a feeling of progress and it’s a real mental effort to try and get anywhere with any of my collage and assemblage work at the moment.

This feeling has been a problem now for a while. As my life shifts and changes direction there seems little point hanging onto things for the sake of hanging onto them. Bringing Structured Chaos to an end (for now) and looking at other creative processes is becoming an increasingly viable option as we start this new year. Structured Chaos has been ongoing for twelve months now. This is a long project even for me, and with each artwork taking a long time to produce it brings little in terms of mental or monetary rewards.

I want to keep my brain fresh and not allow it to stagnate. I want to challenge myself with the novel and unique rather than doing something that is feeling stale to me. just a little bit further with this one and I’ll consider my options from there. Any decisions in this series need to be worked out with my long-time collaborator Ben Honebone. Perhaps discussing things will help me work this through.


‘Robot in Disguise’ work in progress


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