Coming Soon to your Community!

I’m about to start a series of photography workshops lots of different organisations across South Wales. This is an exciting time because I’m looking at working with organisations further afield to help people see their surroundings in a different way. Traditionally I’ve worked within the Swansea area but I’m looking to deliver workshops more regularly in the Neath Port Talbot area and as afar afield as Torfaen.

My photography workshops are far from what you’d expect. They’re more like life skills workshops where the primary therapeutic tool happens to be a camera. It doesn’t matter where you are, there are always people who can’t see the wood for the trees and have trouble seeing what’s good about living where they do. You could live in paradise and still feel that someone else has got it better somewhere else on the planet. Wales is a beautiful part of the world but people still have their problems and often using a camera can help them see things in a better light. Gaining a new skill and having fun at the same time gives a positive feeling. This positivity has a knock-on effect and can be the first step towards a participant feeling strong enough to make larger life decisions, such as getting a new qualification or a new job.

First up will be two series of workshops for Communities First in the Morriston area of Swansea. The first I am Great workshop starts on Thursday and begins with the assumption that the participants are amazing and then looks for ways to enhance this theory. Through photography, my participants will become explorers of their environment and in turn will learn skills that allow them to build their own self-esteem. They will gain an awareness of how to generate their own positivity with what they can see around them.

Then later this month there will be another trip out to the Gower as part of my Bringing Gower Home project. We’ll be returning to CHAPS in Gowerton and exploring what makes Gower special. This workshop is one of a series of ten. Participants are from various different organisations. Each day workshop is followed up with a celebratory feedback event which encourages participants to reflect on the day with their peers. You can read about previous workshops and feedback events here. Follow the links for different groups and see what they made of it all.

There are further workshops which will be announced soon. Most of my workshops are for community organisations or third sector bodies and not all are open to the public. If you get in touch with your local Communities First body you might find that I’m about to do a workshop just for you this Spring. If not then get in touch and I’ll see what I can arrange closer to you.
IAMGREAT JAN 16 Seion Newydd copy (1)


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