Snow Giddy

I’m a real sucker for a bit of the white stuff. It’s not often we get it here in the South West of Britain. Luckily Wales has several amazing mountain ranges and I couldn’t help but go for a drive up into the mountains now that the first real winter weather is taking hold.
Of course this was purely a research mission and not in any way an attempt to subvert the working day by building a snowman or anything.

I’ll be delivering a small taster photography workshop in Croeserw Community Enterprise Centre next month. Croeserw is a close knit community at the top of the Afan and Llynfi valleys. It’s an amazingly beautiful place and I can’t wait to spend more time there. Rather than head back home I kept going up into the hills through Abergwynfi and over The Bwlch. I’m a big kid when it comes to snow and it’s good powder quality up on these high mountain passes. So powdery in fact that the snow doesn’t compact well enough to make a decent snowman.Oh well. I’ll just have to enjoy the view then.

This is the view from the top of The Bwlch looking down on Treorchy from the A4107.. On Google maps it’s the big mass of twisty roads where the A4107 meets the A4061 looking North-East  Click here if you’re a real map geek for this stuff.


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