The Art of Caring

Last year I missed out on a wonderful exhibition called The Art of CaringIt’s not that I didn’t care, but my art was taking a direction which I didn’t feel would suit the theme. Fast-forward a year and the same show is in the frame and I reckon this time I’m in a position to answer the call.

For my photography workshops I often take pictures myself to show others composition skills. I also get caught in the moment and take pictures of things I like the look of just for my own pleasure. This has resulted in a little collection of my own mementos of workshops past.

The theme for this year’s The Art of Caring is “Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” I have submitted three entries based on images I took during workshops for Communities First, WCADA, and Sight Cymru. Through text on my photographs I’ve highlighted the strength my participants have displayed during these workshops. Every workshop has its own remit and different client base which means even the same activities can have a different purpose and a different outcome in terms of their therapeutic value. There really is an art to empowering people to care enough about their own well-being and to see their world in a different light. The resilience participants show in overcoming their personal difficulties can be monumental.

The Art of Caring opens on May 12th at The Rose Theatre in Kingston Upon Thames, London, and runs until May 24th. A selection of the best work from the exhibition will then go on to St Pancras Hospital in London for display over the summer. You can find out more here.





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