Alien and Wonderful

Today we were at Seion Newydd again, this time looking at landscapes and close-ups. Traditional landscapes make you think of rolling hillsides and open scenery but what do you do if that isn’t on your doorstep in Morriston?

I spoke with some tourists last year who were lamenting about how Swansea was far more beautiful than their home. They told me they were from the Yorkshire Dales which I think is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain! I couldn’t believe they couldn’t see how beautiful their own home was but I guess if you see the same thing day in and day out then it’s hard to appreciate what you already have. Sometimes you have to step away from yourself to realise how wonderful the landscape is on your own doorstep. Today participants embraced that spirit and looked at the town skyline and how this could form a perfect dialogue with the cold, grey, winter sky.

Later we reduced everything down to a macro level and looked at the small things which exist right beneath our noses. Close-ups of regular everyday objects can look alien and wonderful when they’re completely out of context. Can you spot the coffee machine, piano, and tea-towel amongst these photographs? No, me neither!


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