Bringing Gower Home to Uplands

This afternoon saw a special celebration event for Bringing Gower Home in Uplands, Swansea. Last November a group from ASDES spent the day at Gower Heritage Centre taking photographs.

ASDES are a not-for-profit community interest company who support people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in getting into employment. As well as a range of professional services ASDES looks at supporting their clients through confidence building activities. People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder often have complex needs which cannot always be addressed by conventional methods. The Bringing Gower Home workshop provided an ideal platform for this confidence building and explored alternative ways to express thoughts and ideas in an informal setting.

The feedback received today from participants and their families was a wonderful experience. We shared the photographs and everyone spoke about the experiences of the day. The activities we did encouraged everyone to think less rigidly and more creatively and participants have taken this ethos beyond that workshop and into the way they deal with daily life – a skill which is particularly difficult for those with autism.

I’m very pleased and proud that participants have gained so much from the skills they’ve learned and I’m hoping to bring more workshops to ASDES in the future. To read more about this organisation and the kind of work they do click here. Meanwhile you can see the photographs my participants took last November here.

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I am organising, delivering, and supporting this project in collaboration with Gower Landscape Partnership (GLP) which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Natural Resources Wales, City and County of Swansea, and National Trust.


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