Conversations on the Meltwater

I like the concept of everyone in the world being connected through mutual friends. I like to watch conversations between friends and see how people engage with each other. It’s not really a stalker thing but more of a social curiosity thing. I’m also part of a Facebook group which links artists from South Wales with those across the water in other parts of the world. All these things led me to the following investigation:

1. Dates were for a four day period from 24th – 27th January inclusive.
2. All conversations within the group during these dates were watched.
3. The names of people who clicked ‘like’ in this Facebook group were recorded.
4. The names of people who voiced an opinion in this Facebook group were recorded.
5. All these artists were investigated to see how they were connected to each other as friends. I trawled through their lists of mutual and un-mutual friends and generated a spreadsheet of these connections.
6. I generated a painting based on these connections called Conversations on the Meltwater.

Here’s the result.

Thanks to all 28 artists who unknowingly became part of this artwork. Let’s continue the conversation. Let’s stay connected and grow more connections. Let’s connect the whole world through art.



5 thoughts on “Conversations on the Meltwater

  1. It’s not how much you chops Rose. Just one like or comment means you were added to the artwork. The number of friendships you have within the group of artists selected determines your number of connections.

    I think the next one will represent the chopsing quantity rather than the friendship quantity.

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