Weekends are a time to play and catch up on the personal art projects that I’m developing. Although I might not have any time during the week to act on these projects I’m always considering where I want to go next and how I want work to evolve. This is a completely different way of working in the past where I had all the time I needed to play with such things.

This image is part of such emerging work. There’s much more to be added here so I don’t want to reveal too much yet. This work isn’t for anything in particular yet but is tickling an urge in my brain which needs satisfying. I guess that’s what most art is about for the artist. It’s only once the work is presented that reasons and philosophies are required. Until that point this is playtime is just for me.

Hmmm…. Play might just be the right title for this piece. Not sure yet though. I’ll have to see what emerges.



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