Something other

So, continuing on from yesterday I’m busy sticking limbs, paper, and wood in various quantities. I’ve just discovered a missed opportunity with wire so that might have to wait for the next artwork.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be full of ideas again and with a specific direction in mind. I don’t know where I’m heading but the journey is fantastic. After struggling with the remains of Structured Chaos I needed something completely different to revitalise my artmaking but, for a few months, was having trouble working out what that thing was. After being immersed in photography and collage for so long I needed to break out of two dimensions and into something other. This is definitely ticking that box.

I’ve always enjoyed working with the uncanny. Where others find an uncomfortable disturbance, I find something soothing and relaxing. Body parts and dismemberment are only problematic when applied to flesh and blood beings, not dolls. Cutting off arms when they’re made of plastic isn’t a problem. Their symbolic meaning holds nothing for me other than comfort.

Maybe I’ve been sniffing too much glue.




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