The Video

Making three dimensional stuff is a wonderful business but sharing it in a photograph is tricky stuff. I tried sharing a photograph of The Message  on Monday and although it has been well received a photograph is no substitute for the real thing. A sculptural, mixed-media artwork needs to be seen from multiple directions. Multiple moving parts need to be experienced and a photograph fails to do the job. Taking something three dimensional and flattening it into a two dimensional representation is a futile exercise.

I’m very lucky that my creative partner Ben Honebone is also a music and video specialist. The moment he saw The Message he was inspired to create a video to accompany the automaton. He understood that The Message needed an appropriate platform on which to be viewed. The music in the video is a response by Ben to the artwork itself.

He tells me, “The mechanical parts suggested a steady electronic beat. The doll, the body parts, I felt were a contemporary deformation in the things we find beautiful and I wanted to reflect that in the style of music I created. This video is a response to the dark, odd, uncanny feelings I had when interacting with The Message.”

You can read more about how Ben responds to art (and how art responds to Ben) at his website:

The video of The Message can be seen by clicking here.


The Message



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