Drink Art

There’s no point in making artwork and not letting it out of the house for people to enjoy. then what about selling the stuff? I can’t be running around galleries all day, it’s just not cost effective and I’m way too busy.

Instead I have a store on Artfinder. Here you can find my back-catalogue which I’m adding to on a regular basis. So far you can find a large chunk of my Small Worlds collection of collages and I’m planning to add some printmaking work shortly.

The store essentially contains stuff which is three years old or more and has travelled to exhibitions across the globe. I want some of this artwork to be on your wall in your house so that you can enjoy seeing it for yourself. Each artwork is the result of many hours, sometimes weeks, of work and most pieces are framed. I’ve also taken a few pieces out of frames in order to make sure there’s prices to fit everybody.

When times are hard not a lot of people buy art, they’d rather spend it all on a Friday night in town drowning their sorrows and destroying themselves instead. I’ve never understood that. Sometimes a memento of the tough times is instead something you can keep to make you feel like the world is going well for you. A positive mental attitude along with a beautiful piece of unique artwork  to cherish is sometimes all you need to help give you a boost.

But this isn’t a plug for my art, it’s a plug for all art. There are lots of other artists on Artfinder in similar situations to me who are just waiting to match their art to your home. Have a look at my shop here but also browse the rest of the site. There are so many pretty things for you to own which will go a lot further than your Friday night alcohol.




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