The Tweeting Bird Cafe by Iris Aged 9

Forget Valentines, today people from all over descended on Galerie Simpson in Swansea to indulge in cake and conversation courtesy of Iris Allen. Her Tweeting Bird Cafe opened up at the Gallery for a special one day event in aid of the Old Mill Holistic Cancer Support Centre. There was tea, coffee, cakes, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, and cakes all sold to raise much needed funds for the charity.

The Old Mill gives physical and emotional support to those dealing with cancer. They offer a full range of counselling and complimentary therapies to give people all the tools they need to beat the disease. Cancer isn’t just something that is fought in hospitals, it’s a physical and emotional upheaval for the patient and their family. The idea of a dedicated centre which considers the holistic needs of the patient is worthy of support. Everyone should have the chance to access this level of care.

Enter Iris Allen, aged 9, who had a great idea of using an art gallery for her fundraiser. Sometimes art galleries get a bad deal because people think they’re stuffy places. In the movies they’re always white cubes in big cities with somebody who looks up disapprovingly every time somebody walks in through the door. Thank goodness movie art galleries have no bearing on reality, at least not the reality we have here in Swansea. Galerie Simpson has always had an amazing welcoming atmosphere full of warmth and appreciation for visitors. Add to this Iris’ Tweeting Bird Cafe and suddenly it’s a hub for cake aficionados and more friendly art lovers than you can imagine. The place was heaving and at several points this afternoon people were queuing for a seat. Visitors were encouraged to donate what they could in exchange for cake. I’m hoping that The Tweeting Bird can be a regular pop-up event at the gallery partly because it’s an awesome way to raise money for charity, but mostly because of the cake. Iris makes great cake.

Did I mention the cake? Yeah. Cake.

You can donate to the Old Mill by clicking here.




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