A Collage Masterclass

In April I’ll be running two different kind of workshops at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. normally my workshops involve taking photographs but for one day only I’ll be showing how to do collage the Ezra way.

My collages always start with a personal photograph which I then rework to create something even more personal. Most collage artists reuse photographs and pictures from elsewhere but I don’t do that. I start with my own photograph, or one handed to me by someone close to me, and then just rework that photograph. Whilst I’m cutting the photograph I’m considering the memories loaded into that photograph and expressing what those memories mean to me. The memory forms like a jigsaw and is pieced together from fragments which do not always fit comfortably.

When we tell stories we add to them to spin a better yarn. Similarly we miss out events which do not sit right. This editing of the truth gives a better story and one worth remembering and sharing. I do the same with my pictures, just very slowly, and with a lot of glue and patience!

If you fancy joining me to see how I do it and make some collages of your own in the same style then come along to the Workers Gallery in April. You’re welcome to come along to either the morning workshop or the afternoon workshop or both! You’ll need to bring with you some photographs of your own which you’re happy to chop up. I’ll give you all the tuition and guidance you need. Booking is essential so contact the gallery directly to secure your place. See you soon!

Workers Gallery 99 Ynyshir Road, Ynyshir, CF39 0EN
Email: wood4tt@gmail.com
Phone 01443 682024

Melanie Ezra Workshop Poster


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