Promises, Promises…

The only way to motivate myself is to set myself goals and rewards. It’s not hard in principle and it sometimes takes a lot of mental discipline to make things happen in the right order.

I promised myself that I would make more progress with my Automata series but only once I’ve completed a massive upload of stock to my Artfinder store and a whole heap of paperwork. So here I am, eleven days after I finished The Message finally looking at the next artwork in this series. Although I buy the wooden pieces ready-cut, there’s still the job of sanding shafts and spindles and engineering the gearing so that the next automaton will work according to my own design.

I have an idea brewing which has been floating round my brain since before The Message. It never materialised then due to a few logistical hurdles which I couldn’t quite overcome but I reckon I’ve got it sorted this time around. I’m keeping to my promise and giving myself the next day or so to tinker with the mechanics so that this next art can be more than just an empty promise to myself. I deserve this making time after all the workshops and administration tasks I’ve been doing lately.

I have to keep this promise and make this next piece a reality. More progress tomorrow… promise!



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