During my photography workshops I always encourage my participants to consider their world differently and to exercise patience in getting what they want. This ethos is something I continue with in my personal practice far beyond the workshop environment. I find that by looking at my own space differently I am calmer and more able to focus on the things that matter rather than the extraneous clutter of day to day life.

I’ve been watching the spyglass in my door for a while now waiting for the right set of conditions to get the right photograph. It’s been a long time coming. I discovered Winter doesn’t work because too much moisture builds up behind the glass. The sun was at the wrong angle in Autumn, and yet Summer was no good because all water droplets had evaporated completely. So I’ve been waiting for early afternoon light on a cool Spring day to hit my spyglass in precisely the right way.

I’ve been patient waiting for the water droplets to frame the blue sky. I’ve waited for just the right amount of glare to make the image interesting but not overwhelming. Today at 14:10 I got the spyglass photograph I promised myself almost a year ago.



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