I’m at a position to be able to share progress on this next artwork in my Automata series. This will be different to The Message due to the way the doll’s body is reconstructed and reconnected. This in turn will give a very different philosophical slant to the themes I’m investigating.

Whilst reading Frankenstein I’m discovering all sorts of phrases and ideas discussing reconstruction from the inanimate. I’m imagining the failed attempts that Frankenstein must have made before he achieved success. The book, of course, explores ideas on death, and rebirth whilst my automata were never alive to begin with. The way Frankenstein’s creation is received is very much according to a stereotype and a fear of the ‘other’. The way my automata are being received is also thanks to a stereotype. Some people believe there are sinister motives and dark fantasies within my creations but actually it’s more a clinical curiosity as to how an audience will respond to something they feel is uncanny, unbalanced, and somehow ‘wrong’.

Tell me what you see is wrong then attempt to tell me why it upsets your sensibilities so much. I’ll then address your concerns literally and in the next automaton attempt to put it right. The Message got people telling me that you can’t take apart something and then put the parts next to each other without it feeling wrong. This wrongness is what I’m playing with here. The way to progress, apparently,  is to put the parts next to each other in the correct order. So here we go, I’m putting the parts next to each other. See how right this looks. This won’t disturb you at all now I’m getting this correct. I reckon this artwork should have a title reflecting this amelioration.

Yeah go on then. This is Amelioration.



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