Bud Bottle and Boiler

I have a very understanding partner who tolerates so many of my quirks. One of these is that I regularly stop and take photographs. I can be anywhere at anytime and if something catches my eye I have to stop and get the shot. He’s used to me stopping mid-stride in the middle of a brisk walk, doubling back, and photographing things that no reasonable or rational person would dream of photographing. He has the patience of a saint. I’ll take photographs of anything and everything. There’s often no rhyme or reason to it. If a shape or a colour catches my eye then I’m momentarily lost.

It’s part of how I see the world. I believe there’s beauty in everything if you just look in the right way. People get hung up on nasty things and how bad situations appear to be. I like to look at such things and find a positivity that makes me think twice about what I’m seeing. I see the world as a series of visual questions looking for answers open to interpretation. I see gentle rhythms and harmony in the darkest and bleakest of situations. Dump your rubbish at the side of the road and I’ll see a unique sculpture waiting to be photographed and shared with the world.


Bud Bottle and Boiler


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