What is it?

What is it?

It’s soft and round and multiple yarns from multiple sources. It’s something for when I’m watching a movie and to keep my hands busy. Ultimately it will end up as some kind of art, or clothing, for me, or for someone else. It will be used then treasured or passed on or looked over. It will deteriorate and decompose and be left somewhere. It will outlive us before nature recycles it and turns it into something new; possibly alive.

What is it?

By creating this I feel like I am living. It tickles my brain and motivates me to be more than what I am. It knits up, uses up, and ties up loose ends in my brain. It tickles my consciousness and promotes my own sense of well being. As it expands and grows it becomes layered in time and detail. Each stitch brings me closer to completion and further away from uncertainty; from what it could be to what it will be. It will make me feel good for a while until the next fit of creativity spasms through my veins.

What is it?

It’s nothing of any great significance. It’s not skillful or thought provoking. There is no deep philosophy or political motivation. There are no allegiances or alliances to any school of thought or tribe.

It is what it is and nothing more.



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