I have no political or psychological motive here other than to experiment what feels uncomfortable. The eyes are always a controversial issue in all kinds of literal and metaphorical ways. Yes, I know exactly what I’m doing here by covering her eyes. I blind her with words. I take away the windows to her soul. I blindfold her to the world.

I am just doing what I feel to be correct for this automaton. Amelioration will tell you a story of your own making. The decision as to which bit of symbolism your subconscious latches onto is out of my hands and into your brain.

Tell me what you see for I am blind to your prejudices and rhetoric.



3 thoughts on “Blind

  1. I think a work of art doesn’t actually exist until it leaves the artist and gets a viewer. The artwork exists in that space between it and the viewer. The viewer creates the work of art according to their experience and beliefs and interpretation.

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