Tomorrow I’m out on Gower again for another photography workshop as part of my Bringing Gower Home project but today I get to tie up loose ends with my Automata project.

There’s a big difference between my personal fine art practice and my workshops. My workshops provide a platform for others to explore positivity and a change of ethos whilst my personal practice allows me to explore, well, anything! I feel that my fine art allows me to express more philosophical and psychological themes and I won’t shy away from any darker leanings that this work has.

Some people have said that maybe my blog should be dedicated to just my workshops and have a separate site for my personal practice but I don’t see that as necessary. I want my participants, current and past, to see this other side of me and know that it is ok to explore darker themes through art and photography. Everything in life is connected; good and bad. Art is always a positive thing because it allows every thought (negative or positive) and feeling to come out in a calm and constructive way.

Putting emotions into something creative is a long recognised tool for allowing the mind to explore and for it to find a way to be at rest. It’s no secret – occupational therapists have been practicing this for years. There is a deep and inherent link between creativity and psychological well-being. I suppose this is the one thing my workshops and personal artwork have in common. They each encourage this personal exploration in the individual. They encourage personal fulfillment and a need to express through creativity. My workshops do this solely through photography whilst my Automata do this through whatever medium I choose.

Live. Love. Learn. Be creative and explore all the possibilities. What are you waiting for?


‘Amelioration’ mixed media automaton. Work in progress


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