I’ve always accompanied work in selected galleries with a range of greetings cards. Cards are a small way for people to get hold of a picture of my work without having to pay the full price for the original. Making a greetings card is even better than a framed print because it suits people from all walks of life and is great for people on a budget.

I’m always careful to cover my costs but am never too greedy; in fact, my cards are cheaper than many commercially available greetings cards. The photograph is directly of the original artwork itself before framing so the image is as perfect as it can be. Also, I only print photographs professionally on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper with archive inks and finish. This means if you frame one of my greetings cards and hang it in direct sunlight then it won’t start fading for another half a millenium at least.

Oh yes, and all my greetings cards are limited edition to a ridiculously small number so once they’re gone they’re gone, never to be repeated. For me, it’s about getting about as close to owning a slice of the real thing as you can get. It’s about knowing that you’re buying quality, for yourself or for someone close to you. It’s about having something you know the artist cares deeply about and connecting directly with the artwork you’ve seen in the gallery.

I’m selling these greetings cards exclusively through The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. This latest batch have been created to coincide with A World of Work exhibition which opens next Thursday. Each design is limited to only 20 greetings card so you’ll have to be fast if you want one. Each image is taken from the Structured Chaos series which I created in collaboration with Ben Honebone. The originals of the images you see here will be hanging in the gallery when you visit.

That’s it. Shameless plug for my merchandise done for the day. Greetings!



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