The Planet is Glowing

Today I’ve been up a completely different mountain filming for a music video with Ben Honebone.  We were on location above Port Talbot on forest trails which probably haven’t seen much of humanity for a good few months, if not years.

When you drive through Wales on the M4 it’s easy to believe the whole of this area is industry and towns but that’s not what the country is about at all. It only takes a small step to be in the wilderness and there are massive areas of the country which are not populated at all*. Spanning the country are more than 150 Marilyns, some with amazing panoramic views of over 50 miles in good weather.

Here we were only a few miles away from the nearest house but we might as well have been on a different planet. This was the first true Spring day after one of the wettest Winters on record which made it an amazingly spiritual place to be. With the sunlight streaming through the trees the fresh moss on the ground was glowing. Broken branches from ancient evergreens were teeming with lichen. Every footstep was cushioned by generations of pine needles on sandy soil. Sunbeams through the densely packed trees caused lens flares to look like will o’ the wisp in the dark shadows.



*Look at this map if you don’t believe me.


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