I’ve finally managed to piece together some words to fully describe my new Automata series. I’m not a big fan of writing an artist statements – I don’t think anyone is, so I’m very lucky that I never have to start from scratch with one of these things. I already have lots of thoughts written down here in earlier blog entries. All I have to do to get my artist statement is to read back through my blog and re-order my thoughts into more of a contemporary arts vein.

This blog has always been a place for me to reflect on my own practice as well as being an advertising billboard for my photography workshops. It’s not with the purpose of driving my own ego but instead it’s a way to remind myself where I’m at and keep myself grounded. I always try to keep things real and honest as I write so that the purpose of what I’m doing can be read by pretty much everybody. I believe strongly in promoting the arts in a way that is accessible for all. Part of this accessibility is through allowing people to see how I make things as well as showing them the finished artwork.

Tomorrow I’m planning on sharing the latest finished piece in my Automata series; I’m just putting the finishing touches on Amelioration. Meanwhile you can read what it’s all about by clicking here, and if you’re interested on seeing more of my artworks then click the ‘collections‘ tab at the top of this blog.



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