Staccato Quirks

So. Here you go. Amelioration is the second in my Automata series which conducts a series of investigations into making the inanimate animate. Each automaton is a mixed media construction consisting mainly of newspaper, wood, and doll parts. The artworks are designed to be interactive through a system of gears and handles.

This morning Amelioration was filmed with the aim to releasing a video of this structure. This artwork really needs to be seen from every angle possible in order to explore it fully. As it moves doll parts perform staccato quirks and wiggles thanks to the way I have threaded the parts together. The limbs are free to bend so there is room for play with this interactive artwork.

There’s no point in describing this in any more detail than that. Attempting to turn a three dimensional artwork into words from a single photograph is a futile exercise. I’m working closely with Ben Honebone now to turn this into a video which portrays the emotions I feel as a result of my interaction with this piece. To me this is a less aggressive artwork than The Message and needs to be treated as such. Getting my own ideas into an artwork is one thing but turning that into an audiovisual experience is something which is really not my field at all. Ben has so much experience as a videomaker/composer so I am trusting him in creating the best representation of Amelioration.

We’re aiming for release in the next day or so. Watch this space!



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