Mel’s Video of Mel

I keep a catalogue of interviews and reviews that have been published over the years. I’ve kept this list in its own section here at There’s everything here from local newspaper articles to international TV stations documenting my practice and my photography workshops.

The latest upload is a video filmed by Melvyn Williams back in September. Melvyn is a professional film maker and writer with decades of experience in film and TV. He creates his own short comedies which can be seen over on his YouTube Channel. For this video he was filming me about my involvement in a project called The Bagpuss Window; a semi-derelict anarchic artspace which flashed into existence for three short weeks in September (2015) and then ended as abruptly as it started.

Rose Davies and I invited fellow artists to share the space in whatever way they saw fit. We filled the shop window with the results before the building was finally condemned, ready for demolition. You can see the full range of Bagpuss Window creative madness on Rose’s YouTube Channel .


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