There’s a wonderful little bookshop down the road which gives out Books for Free as part of a charity initiative. This is awesome for us collage artists because we can help ourselves to magazines and books for use in our art which would normally be pulped or sent to land-fill.

I’m using a French book for the latest in my Automata series. I know a little French but I’m very rusty and I can only pick out a few words as I’m gluing the layers here. The book is very old so I’m not even sure the language is relevant anymore. This suits me fine because each of my Automata is covered in text which I cannot understand. I’m using language in a way that cannot speak to me although I accept that it will give my art a different meaning entirely to those people who are able to read the languages that I’m covering my artwork in.

I like the idea of giving alternative meanings and communicating differently to different viewers of my work. Automata is all about the mechanics of meaning and the desire to reanimate a discussion into what previously lay dormant. Whether this dormancy was in doll body-parts or language, it’s all the same to me.



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