Papillons sans Frontières

A slight diversion today making some artwork for submission to an exhibition in Serbia. I’ve been exhibiting here now for a few years and previously I’ve sent over some stuff in a similar vein to my Small Worlds and Structured Chaos series.

This year I’m making bespoke little pieces for exhibitions abroad which have a single theme. I used butterflies in my recent submission to 6x6x2016 in Rochester New York so I’m continuing in the same theme for exhibitions across the Balkan states.

I’m drawing on multiple sources for my materials in true collage style this year which is a massive departure from my usual practice of working within the borders of one photograph. Still, I’m putting limitations on how far my collage style is diverting since I still want a single clear picture to be recognisable amongst the paper pieces. I’m not a traditional collage artist and I don’t want my unique voice to be lost amongst the thousands of other people who work in this field. I am careful and considerate in my choices as to how I want to be heard.

This picture is a diptych of two artworks forming Papillons sans Frontières. The butterfly itself is a composite of three different species with assorted text disrupting the integrity of the body. The title Papillons sans Frontières is a play on Medicins sans Frontières and also Jeux sans Frontières The idea is that these butterflies are not restricted by borders or conventions. Layers of realities coexist in the same space to give the illusion of one coherent body. Partly political, partly playful, this butterfly is answerable to no-one. It exists beyond the realms of science as we know it. It is chaos and freedom personified.

Papillons sans Frontieres

‘Papillons sans Frontieres’ diptych of two 10cm x 7cm collages




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