Looking up is something we don’t tend to do enough of. After all, looking down is great. Looking down helps you to work out where your feet need to go and stops you having accidents. Looking down is something which also depresses us. How many times are you told to look up? Things could be better.

Well forget metaphorical up-looking and try some actual looking up for a change. Up is the sky and the trees and gargoyles hidden high up in the local architecture. There are shapes and patterns beyond your wildest dreams. Looking up shares a whole new world of crazy that if you take your time and pause long enough can feed your imagination in a ridiculously creative and childish way.

Today I looked up and saw spiders and tentacles and long fingers. I saw rhythm and pattern stretching into the sky. I saw a whole new world that I wished I could fly up into. I imagined myself a little beetle climbing up into the heavens above. I dreamed of being hidden deep in the bark of the trees 50 feet high in the sky.

Look up. See where your imagination will take you.



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