Twitter Art Exhibit 2016

There’s a show on in New York at the moment over at the Trygve Lie Gallery on East 52nd that you really need to see to believe. It’s called the Twitter Art Exhibit and it is showing art from across the globe. All artists have a Twitter account and have donated their artworks to assist in raising funds for Foster Pride‘s Handmade Program. The idea is that these Twitter artists assist in promoting the show and spreading the word. The exhibition opened last week and has already raised $7000 through sales and is well on its way to meeting the target of $12000.

This is an amazing way to see and be seen. Everybody wins, even the artist. I knew when I entered this show that my tiny 6″ x 4″ postcard would be seen by thousands of people. it only cost me pennies to make and because it’s so light the postage was tiny. It’s a far cry from entering large framed pieces into New York shows but it makes the logistics a lot easier for me.

Meanwhile, viewers to the gallery can pick a piece they love and for a few dollars get to take it home there and then. They know that they’re supporting a great charity and they have the chance to get in contact with their selected artist to commission more works if they like the style.

At the heart of it all is the funds raised for Foster Pride which has been helping kids in care express themselves through mentoring and the arts since 1993. The Hand Made program teaches young people new skills which they can then use to create quality goods. You can see more on this on the Today Show article on Youtube. Click here!

So yeah, everyone wins. So you’re not in NYC at the moment? Then see what it’s all about over on Facebook… or Twitter! The exhibition runs until April 21st.


Picture courtesy of Twitter Art Exhibit. My artwork is the yellow and orange piece mid shot


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