Warp Speed

A wise 9 year old said to me the other day, “I am starting to realise that time is getting faster now I’m getting older.” I replied “If that’s how you feel now imagine how fast it will be when you’re 43.”

This week seems to have been the fastest on record so far. While my body is acknowledging the existence of Wednesday evening, my mind is still wondering where Monday went to. Still we hurtle on, taking an hour at a time and yet wishing for some hours between those hours in which to digest and ruminate on what the hell just happened there. Crises seem to come in chunks and are not of my making. My diary will tell me how to cope when my brain has given up all hope. The only cures are sleep and chocolate and art and everyone else to leave me alone in a dark corner dribbling.

One day I’ll have time to continue with this piece. It doesn’t look like it will be any day soon …



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