Hands Off

It’s been a while since I tackled some artwork so it’s been great to get my teeth sunk into something for my Automata series this afternoon.

This piece has been slow going due to other commitments but sometimes time away can help clear the mind and bring a fresh perspective on things.

The addition of extra hands to this piece is starting to give this artwork some shape and direction. The gearing for this automaton has been quite complex and I’m not sure it I’m gaining anything from the effort yet. I’m sure more positive outcomes from this will reveal themselves soon. I just need the time and space to be able to get more done. I also need more hands. Somehow I think the hands are the key to getting this job done.

I’m hopeful some real progress, and a name for this artwork, will come by the weekend.



3 thoughts on “Hands Off

  1. This is what I used to do to dolls that people gave me for Xmas and birthday presents. Used to do my Dad’s head in. I was 4 or 5. i wanted to see how they were put together. Perfectly reasonable I think.

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