A Dylan Thomas Inspirational Workshop

We’ve just started a workshop today with the Traumatic Brain Injury Service based at Morriston Hospital. It’s a really exciting workshop to be delivering because it combines all sorts of disciplines into one massive positive experience.

The workshop itself is being held at the Dylan Thomas Centre here in Swansea. The facilities here are awesome and there is so much to learn from the staff and the location at the centre. There is an exhibition space here which shares everything inspirational about Dylan Thomas himself and I’m certain we’ll be using this space in the best way possible.

Then comes the photography element of the course. The group are exploring their surroundings and recording their feelings using photography. It means if they see something inspirational they can create something special immediately to voice what they’re seeing and thinking. It’s a new technical skill too which will be stretching the group to develop their learning beyond their current level.

Finally, and most importantly, this workshop is designed to follow the core therapeutic values that the staff at Morriston Hospital are already employing to develop participants’ own well being. We’re confident that the activities on this course will improve upon the strengths that participants already possess and improve their  own range of positive thinking. Support Staff from Traumatic Brain Injury Service have designed assessment methods which we’re following closely so that improvements in participants well-being can be measured in the best possible way.

It’s exciting for me to be involved in this project because it’s showing that the way I teach photography has a valid and proven therapeutic value for people who aim to improve the way they see the world. I’m not entirely sure what today’s participants expected from a photography course, but I can guarantee they’ve already delved deeper and further into analysis through their own photographs than they ever thought possible within just a few hours of picking up the camera for the first time.

Here are today’s best images. More next week!


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