Bringing Gower Home to Seion Newydd

A quick cuppa and a chat up at Seion Newydd in Morriston today to discuss what people felt about their Bringing Gower Home workshop which they completed last month. These feedback sessions are a way of celebrating the achievements of participants through looking at their photographs but also a way of measuring the impact their workshop has had on their well being since then.

This ninth group were from Communities First which helps people from all walks of life to realise their potential. Lots of people turned up and it was great to reconnect with everyone. It was great to hear individual stories about people have moved on since the workshop. Some people have gained so much confidence from being part of this project that they are going on to do other courses. There was much discussion about how being on the Gower has opened their eyes to what is on their doorstep and it has helped them become more mindful about what they are capable of. The buzzword today seemed to be ‘focus’. By spending the day on the Gower focusing their eye, mind, and heart on photographing the details they’ve been able to transfer this focus into their day to day life. Suddenly the little things in life are more important and one participant even said she takes time out of her day on a regular basis just to listen and appreciate her surroundings.

The confidence in people’s voices was a wonderful thing to hear. They’re itching to get out there and create more photographs. Well done Seion Newydd for truly Bringing Gower Home. You can click here to see their photographs. I am organising, delivering, and supporting Bringing Gower Home in collaboration with Gower Landscape Project (GLP) which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Natural Resources Wales, City and County of Swansea, and National Trust. You can read more on this project  here.



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