Collage Masterclass at Workers Gallery

I’ve been out today up at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir delivering a Collage Masterclass. I love sharing my skills. I know some artists keep their methods under wraps but I prefer to be open about the processes which drive me. I feel that by showing others they can understand what drives me and what goes into creating a piece of art. Sharing the time and the materials helps people understand the how artists operate and why art costs what it does.

This Collage Masterclass showed participants how to make their own collages from their own photographs. Every photograph you create has a personal significance and some are more significant and more personal than others. In asking participants to bring copies of their photograph along they have already edited down from their collection to one single image. This editing decision itself says that the photograph they have brought with them is important in some way.

We shared stories about why their photograph is significant and which elements of the photograph are the focus of the picture itself. Sometimes its the memory of the experience that the photograph depicts which determines the decisions on the cutting and collaging of this singular image.

Collaging a personal photograph is one way of focusing the mind on elements of that photographic moment. The collaging process can take hours, if not days, so the time spent with this photograph is something which lasts far longer than the original moment in which it was taken. For me it’s about extending the idea of ‘the decisive moment’ into something much more prolonged and meditative.

I really want to do another workshop at The Workers Gallery. The gallery is committed to having regular events to enable people better access to artists, art, and local community. You can find more about events they hold via Facebook or Twitter @wood4tt

These are the results from this group after a few hours working with small photographs. Thanks again to participants Natasha, Fabianne, and Rosemarie for your hard work and creative spirit.


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