Mindful Moments

With four different meetings with clients spread over three different locations there was a temptation to get caught up with the logistics and the stress of travel today. Luckily I’m able to look at the world in a different way and make the most of those little moments between things.

A few years ago I was involved in a car accident in France. There was much waiting around for things to be sorted. With no way to get back into Paris by car I ended up waiting for 2 hours at a rural train station trying to get home. Being forced to stop and wait makes you look at things differently. Back then I noticed little lizards and birds busy with their day. I found an opportunity to pause and take stock of what had just happened and think about how I was to move on.

Between clients today I found myself reflecting on those moments. I paused to spend 30 seconds looking at this little fella in his micro universe. I imagined what me must be thinking and where he must be going. Then I looked up at the sunshine and remembered how lucky I am that my client was late and that I am safe and happy and alive.



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