Just Ignore the Line


This photograph is all over the internet today as the cover for the new single Just Ignore the Line from goldbringer. I took the photograph on March 5th and it’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to share it with anyone until today. I do a lot of photography and video production for the band and it’s awesome to see that a quick snap on my phone can become something far more to somebody else.

The photograph was taken as part of the video shoot for Just Ignore the LineI was lurking behind the video camera up on Mynydd Dinas  in Port Talbot and just saw this perfect landscape in front of me. It was a decisive moment in true Henri Cartier-Bresson style. I had less than a second to get the shot just as Ben walked towards me. Too early and he’d be too small in the picture, too late and he’d be too large in the shot, and don’t even start me on how tricky taking pictures of people as they walk can be. That split-second decision determined his body to be in exactly the right position to enhance this amazing landscape.

Returning to this space later on the clouds were doing something different again and the moment just wasn’t the same. The colours and composition in this image were just perfect at just this time and at no other on that day;  13:21 on 5th March 2016 is one perfect moment in my life which I can’t ever hope to reproduce.

The video footage we shot at the same moment is used in the video. Take a look below. Just Ignore the Line is released today and is available FREE to download from this link. Enjoy!





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