It’s going to be a busy few months. I’m in several group shows over the next 8 weeks (more on those soon) and also prepping for my solo show Methodology which opens at Workers Gallery, Ynyshir at the start of June. I’ve come to the conclusion that the last eight years of my life can be summed up as: create, restructure, assemble, disassemble, reassemble, repeat. As such, Methodology  is an anthology of works assembled from collections across the globe. Pieces have been previously shown in Brazil, Colombia, USA, Serbia, and UK.  I’m in the process of shipping artwork back from the US in preparation for the show because I want Methodology to be as inclusive as possible in showing my methods and madness. Here also, will be displayed some older works from as early as 2008; never before seen in a gallery setting. New works included are from the ongoing Automata series; my mixed-media body of work exploring ways to make the inanimate animate.

For Methodology I’m sharing my policy and approach in a rigorous examination of the ‘facts’ that artists are fed as apprentices of their craft. I’ve said over and over that the duty of every artist to openly question and assess as thoroughly as scientists. I have no time for ‘lazy’ art and artists who just regurgitate the same ideas because that’s what the current trends are telling them to do. I’ve always used diverse influences such as theoretical physics, astronomy, literature, maths, and music, in order to question the nature of what it means to be an artist and what it means to express myself visually. I’m continuously questioning where the raw materials begin and where the finished product ends in an attempt to defy categorisation and tear up the vernacular understanding of art. Through sharing my Methodology, I’ll be showing cakes transformed into working cameras, photographs into assemblage, collage into print, and bringing life to the inanimate.

In questioning my own procedures I am always reflecting on the continuous flux of my own identity. Previous versions of ourselves are rewritten and rebuilt to craft new and creative futures. We constantly strive to be better than what we are. Every ‘perfect’ moment is dissected and analysed in a futile attempt to repeat and relive that exact time. We are not made as singular finished products but are constantly embellished, recrafted, and rewritten to create a better story of ourselves. I’ve never understood why an artist feels they have to follow one discipline or that they should take the methods they are taught as gospel. If we are to philosophise and reason in our visual communication then it makes no sense for us all to be saying the same thing and drawing from the same sources. Art should look outward for inspiration and learn from other fields in order to grow. Diversification and inventiveness are what being an artist is all about. If artists can’t tear up the rule book and be free of the constraints of the ‘rules’ then what hope is there?



‘Olympia’ 4″ x 4″ paper collage based on an original photograph. Part of the ‘New York’ Collection showing in several shows in the US and also Colombia in 2014


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