Because it pleases me…

I’ve been working more on my Automata series today in preparation for my Methodology exhibition which opens next month at the Worker’s Gallery in Ynyshir. Automata looks at making the inanimate animate and is generally designed to play with what feels uncomfortable for the viewer.

I love playing with what’s possible here. My mind is constantly bouncing between the mechanics of the piece and how it looks aesthetically. It pleases both the mechanic and the artist in me to such an extent that I often find myself making gleeful little sounds out loud to myself whilst I’m considering what to do next.

In my head I have the story of Der Sandmann by Hoffmann whirling around as I attach limbs and create my puppet. How she will dance! How she will whirl! The eyes! The eyes!…. Yes I know that all makes no sense if you haven’t read the story but it pleases me no end to see this automaton come into being in this way. She has no name as yet. I don’t want to call her Olympia (from Der sandmann) because I’ve already used that title for another artwork from my New York Collection. No matter. Something will come to mind as this piece nears completion. It might take me another week or so as I put the mechanics into place.

I’m guesting at Creative Bubble in Cradock Street Swansea on 21st May for TRANSITIONThis piece will definitely be there along with the rest of the Automata collection. I’ll be there 12:30 til 5pm if you fancy having a sneak preview of this work in progress.



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