The Japanese Fighting Monkey

I’ve been chatting all night with the Japanese Fighting Monkey who lives in a giant hamster wheel on top of my neighbour’s chimney. He runs in it all day to train before his prize fights. Also the wheel generates electricity for his owner.

Apparently that’s what was foremost in my mind almost three years ago today. I’ve been looking through some of my blog entries and back catalogue in curating my new show Methodology which will open at the Workers Gallery next month. I didn’t realise how much stuff I’ve created but never shown. It’s almost like the work I allow galleries to share is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve created artworks -photographs, collages, books, and sculptures, some of which have never left the studio.

I’m my own worst critic and unless things are absolutely right I won’t show the work. Methodology will be an anthology of the best work I’ve created in the last 8 years but there will also be a place in the gallery for sharing my sketchbooks and rejected ideas, including the book you see here detailing Japanese Fighting Monkeys and bed hair.

I’ve put most of the show together already. Still a few things to work out regarding projections and audio visuals. The exhibition opens 9th June and runs until 9th July at Workers Gallery, Ynyshir, UK.



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