Six shows, five weeks!

I mentioned a while back that this is a very busy season and I thought I’d give you a few dates for where you can see my work over the coming months.

This week the Art of Caring exhibition opens at the Rose Theatre in Kingston on Thames, London. I’ll be there 4-6pm this Thursday May 12th. The exhibition runs until 24th May. Resilience is the special theme this year and is inspired by the International Council of Nurses worldwide celebration for 2016. You can read more on this show here.

Later this month on 20th and 21st May will be TRANSITION at the Creative Bubble, Swansea. I’m a guest artist on 21st and I’ll be showing works from my Automata series. This is not really an exhibition, more a showcase for sharing artists’ practice. The theme is about the transition each of us is making artistically at the moment. We’re all trying out new approaches in our art practice and we’ll be throwing the doors open for two days, working on our latest projects. More on the Facebook page here.

The following weekend is the opening of Fringe Arts Bath. I’ve been curating and exhibiting here for the last few years and I’m not prepared to break with tradition! This year I’m curating A FaB Intervention with Swansea artist Tim Kelly. We’ve collected together the best performance artists, poets, story tellers, and mad people from South Wales, Oxford, and Bath. From 12 noon until 4pm on Saturday 28th May we’ll be in Union Street, Bath disrupting the regular vibe. There will be random acts of kindness, humour, discussion, as well as the ability to smash paper plates on an anvil. Some interventionists will work in harmony with their audience to promote positivity whilst delivering a soupçon of Death Metal yoga painting. Meanwhile others will challenge the daily routine of visitors to Bath attired with a riot of animalistic felt headgear. Sedentary residents will be visually waylaid by shamen and verbally touched by poets. Gongs and sun pans will be clamoring to make themselves heard above eager Etchasketchers and pencil wielders. The deep and rich heritage of Bath will be asked to consider putting a giant fish helmet on and bringing a guitar down to the streets and rocking out for a bit. I’m not entirely sure what will happen, I just hope it’s as sunny as last year’s event! You can read more here.

There’s more in June. The Rochester Contemporary Arts  Center is showing my works as part of their 6x6x2016 exhibition from June 4th to July 17th. Then I’ve got my solo show Methodology at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir 9th June – 9th July. Finally there’s the opening of Divided by the Meltwater here in Swansea opening on June 17th.

I think that’s it except for a few things in Serbia, possibly something in Philadelphia and I think I’ve also got something in Swansea again later in the year. It never rains but it pours.


‘Sight Cymru’ showing at the ‘Art of Caring’ exhibition this week



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