Best of All

Today I challenged my photography group to respond to Dylan Thomas’ poem Best of All which he wrote in 1927 when he was still at school. A response to a poem is not the same as illustrating it. Here it’s a matter of thinking about the poem and reacting to how it makes you feel about what you like Best of All.

This group are from the Traumatic Brain Injury Service at Morriston Hospital and as a result have very interesting life stories to tell. What is liked best of all today may not have been their favourite thing before their traumatic event. We discussed commonalities which have been positive themes throughout life and also new experiences which are considered to be positive and happy influences in our lives.

Normally I ask participants to share one best photograph with the group. This encourages thought and discussion about composition and editing. With Best of All I felt that a greater story could be told through a series of photographs. This is a ten week course culminating in an exhibition where participants get to tell their stories through photography so it makes sense to allow them to think a little wider in terms of their photographic practice and focus a little narrower on the feelings they wish to share.

You can see more photographs from this series of workshops being held at Dylan Thomas Centre by following this link.


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