I take photographs of my work in progress and put them here on my blog and across the internet but until now I never thought about how these photographs could be used in other ways.

I’ve recently looked into how photographs of my developing Automata series can be used in fashion. A few people have mentioned my pictures could look good on clothing but I don’t want to just throw my pictures onto a £3 t-shirt because I feel that some images are somehow worth more than that.

For example, this photograph was taken to show work in progress for AmerliorationIt would look awesome printed onto a large silk scarf for boutique clientele. Thankfully San Francisco company VIDA agree with me and are currently marketing my designs. Each order is custom made and isn’t cheap. These designs are works of art just as much as they are clothes. They’re gifts, luxuries, bespoke and beautiful; something to treasure and love as well as wear. There are t-shirts and scarves at the moment and I’m hoping to expand into other clothing later this month.

I’ll be updating this website to include a link to the store any day now and keep you updated of new designs as and when I add them. Meanwhile click here to see the current range at the shopVIDA store.


‘Lydia’ silk scarf


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